About Profiline

Brand ProfiLine® is a wide range of the printing consumables for printers or copiers. Nowadays ProfiLine® has gained a position of an umbrella brand with one of the most varied assortment represented by all kinds of compatibles: laser cartridges and toner powders, inkjet cartridges and inks, OPC drums, chips, spare parts, ribbons and nylons, refill kits, continuous ink supply system, refillable cartridges, photo paper and cleansers. There are over then 2000 titles, the high quality of which is confirmed by the International Standards (ISO) 9001, 14001 and 19752. 

The history of the brand ProfiLine® began in 2001. It was a popularity growth in the inkjet industry and we were there to satisfy the demand for the cartridges. Just after a year of existence, the inkjets in ProfiLine® assortment were accompanied by a range of inks and photo paper. Since then we made the quality and a wide assortment our distinguishing features. 


Brand ProfiLine® combines both high quality and attractive price. All products undergo mandatory testing according to the additional before-sale testing program «Quality Print Hallmark». Under this program all laser cartridges are subject to testing for leak-tightness, absence of visible mechanical damage, extra noise check; hidden defects are also revealed on this level. Products with defects are withdrawn from sale. The launch of the «Quality Print Hallmark» program allowed to minimize getting a defective cartridge in the market.

Due to ProfiLine® has many advantages it is annually selected by hundreds of thousands of people throughout Russia. A special place in the list of advantages is occupied by:

- High printing quality; 

- Wide range of goods; 

- Compliance with International Standards ISO 9001, 14001, 19752; 

- Stylish and bright packaging design; 

- Additional testing of cartridges before shipment to customers.

We provide the guarantee for all the ProfiLine® products. So, items under those brands can fully satisfy the demand of exacting Russian customer.

Large state, commercial structures and individuals use Profiline® cartridges. The ProfiLine® brand is widely represented in retail and online stores throughout Russia. The demand for our products is constantly increasing. The ProfiLine® brand is created for those people who value quality and use money effectively!

Surely we can say that ProfiLine® absolutely justifies it’s motto – «Combining the best».